Monday, February 16, 2009

Twisted Pair Ethernet

This type of Ethernet wiring is known as Third Generation of Ethernet wiring.This generation is completely differ from its previous two generation that are thick and thin Ethernet because it does not use a coaxial cable.This generation Ethernet typically known as twisted pair Ethernet or TP Ethernet and its first version was formally known as 10BaseT.The wiring for Fast Ethernet is known as 100BaseT,and wiring for Gigabit Ethernet is known as 1000BaseT.Instead of shared medium,the new technology extends the idea used with connection multiplexing in which an electronic device serves as the center of the network.
The basic electronic device is known as an Ethernet Hub.Like the other wiring schemes,twisted pair requires each computer to have a network interface card and a direct connection from NIC to the network.The connection uses unshielded twisted pair wiring with RJ-45 connectors which are the largest versions of the modular connectors used with the telephones.The connector on one end of a twisted pair cable plugs into the network interface on a computer and the connector on the other end plugs into the hub.
Thus,each computer has a dedicated connection to the hub device.Electronic components in hub emulate a physical cable,making the entire system operate like a conventional Ethernet.For ex:A computer attached to a hub must have a physical Ethernet Address that means each computer must use the CSMA/CD to access the network and the standard Ethernet Frame Format.In fact,software does not distinguish between thick Ethernet,thin Ethernet and twisted pair Ethernet because the network interface handles the details and hides any differences.

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