Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Protocol for Internetworking

As all we know that may protocols have been adapted for use in an internet,one suite stnds out as the most widely used for internetworking.The suite is formally known as The TCP/IP Internet Protocols.TCP/IP was the first set of protocols develop for use in an internet.Indeed,researchers who devised TCP/IP also developed the internet architecture.Work on TCP/IP began in 1970s,approximately the same time that Local Area Networks were being developed.The U.S military funded much of the research on the TCP/IP and internetworking through the Advanced Research Projects Agency.The military was among the first organizations to have multiple physical networks.Cosequently,the military was among the first to realize the need for universal service.By the mid-1980s,the National Science Foundation and the other U.S government agencies were funding development of TCP/IP and a large internet that was used to test the protocols.

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