Thursday, February 19, 2009

Connection between a NIC and a network

The type of connection used between a NIC and a network depends on that network technology.In some technologies,the NIC contains most of the necessary hardware,and attaches directly to the network medium using a single cable or optical fiber.In many other technologies,the NIC does not contain all the electronic circuitry needed to attach directly to the network.Instead,the cable from a NIC attaches to an additional electronic component that then attaches to the network.Surprisingly,the exact details of the connection between a NIC and a network are not determined by the technology that means a given network technology can support multiple wiring schemes.Let take the example of Ethernet technology in which technology i.e Ethernet remains same while the wiring scheme changes.Wiring scheme can be Thick Ethernet Wiring,Thin Ethernet Wiring and Twisted pair Ethernet Wiring.

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