Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Significance of Internetworking and TCP/IP

Internetworking has become one of the most important ideas in modern networking.In fact,Internet Technology has revolutionized computer communication.Most large organizations already use internetworking as the primary computer communication mechanism.Smaller organizations and individuals are beginning to do so well.More important,in addition to private internet,the TCP/IP technology has made possible a global internet that reaches schools,commercial organizations,and government and military sites in all populated countries around the world.The worldwide demand for internetworking products has affected most companies that sell networking technologies.

Competition has increased because new companies have been formed to sell hardware and software need for internetworking.In addition may companies have modified their protocol designs to accommodate internetworking.In particular,most network protocols were originally designed to work with one network technology and one physical network at a time.To provide internetworking capabilities,companies have extended the designs in two ways:the protocols have been adapted to work with many network technologies and new features have been added that allows the protocols to transfer data across internet.

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